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Bitcoin Tokens

Earn Bitcoin Tokens, it's a massive oppertunity for all of them.

Shortlinks Wall

Click shortlinks to earn money and energy.


View PTC ads to earn money Earn Upto 100 Coins Per Click.


Complete achievements for extra money and energy.


Complete tasks, surveys to earn money.

Daily Bonus

Earn money just by login Daily

Level System

Level up your account to earn more like offerwalls and a lot more.


We reward to top activity users and top referral user weekly.

Payment Proofs

# Username Address Method Amount
6372 Shokofeh[email protected] 0.0103 USD
6368 rheu1CudvW25so6VxfZMLoutxEZCZXsmx13cCX 0.0105 USD
6367 Zicter99991GYpKEQDHam3PWKytt5WxuDUPGPZDQs6zh 0.02 USD
6366 Zicter99991GYpKEQDHam3PWKytt5WxuDUPGPZDQs6zh 0.01 USD
6365 Norhan444bc1qk849aggzt670z3svclww8kdt4uwqs4d8s8tddu 0.0116 USD
6364 Baby1818[email protected] 0.02364 USD
6363 GameWork7313J9dLw6QPgcEqvNKpgHuzsp5Q8yh3Eceq 0.01045 USD
6362 kil77[email protected] 0.01 USD
6361 HellomaxTLRa78fQzRTUAQEJMaPHttv3xmh7ED3YrU 0.01035 USD
6360 arina251MzbpDnkeE2d5kK6qEdquYSfdecfMwaFbo 0.0565 USD
6359 adegedul141Kx5x4EGmSBqcrjhJiEUGWoGt88M9Nsx8u 0.01145 USD
6358 tatnti[email protected] 0.01166 USD
6357 Anisa_25[email protected] 0.0102 USD
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6355 Poetra21[email protected] 0.0508 USD
6354 rheu1CudvW25so6VxfZMLoutxEZCZXsmx13cCX 0.01025 USD
6353 chipchi1GHXj8KLLbFRwqK2yypZGqHY33FGKUwAfW 0.2065 USD
6352 Dicks1233PJJLnNvFNAyi7CW7sfySh2uja1RMDi9Py 0.01459 USD
6351 akteranonna1451GF1wDXoh4nwGebyuTwyymZSWjpeys3Ezr 0.0145 USD
6350 sana1NsBjW19YskpMAbtqEspFgSF8YLYHg52an 0.67995 USD
Payment methods

Supported Crypto Coins & Normal Currencies


Bitcoin - Faucetpay


Litecoin - Faucetpay


Can i create multiple accounts?
No we are not allowing multiple account usage. Our advanced security system automatically bans the accounts that owned by same person.
Can i use VPN/Proxy?
Unfortunately you can not use any proxied connection or VPN. We are very strict to Disallow Such kind of Connection. We value our Advertising Partners to give Good quality Traffic
I didn't do anything wrong. Why am i banned?
Account bans are only applied if you did something against our TOS. If you are sure that is a mistake please feel free to contact us and explain the situation.
I have completed an offer but not received anything?
Some offerwall tasks credited to you account after certain amount of time. You can check your account history offerwalls tabs to see when your payment will be sent to you.
How long does it take to get my money to my wallet?
Withdrawals will be processed and sent within 24 to 72 hours.

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